WL-HS-3A/4A/5A  Punching Machine

WL-HS-3A/4A/5A Punching Machine

A3 Auto Servo Punching Machine


Specifications: 3*7/3*8/4*8/5*5

Application range:Suitable for 0.3-1.0mm PVC or other plastic materials


·Product introduction

  1. Introduce:

  • WENLIN-HS-3A/4A/5A Automatic High Speed Servo Punching Machine adopts PLC industrial automation controlling, Omron servomotor and high precision ball screw as well as linear guide for accurate moving distance.

  • Professional High sensitivity photoelectric recognition device reads the position marks for precise and reliable positioning.The mould is made by imported mould steel. The function of software is strong.

  • The machine can be set 8 cards into different step distance. There are different feeding and punching methods for flexible choices , such as three dies, four dies and five dies. This machine is equipped with dustcoat to keep the machine clean and ensure the safety of the operation person.

·Technical parameter

ModelWENLIN-HS-3A/4A/5A  (Servo)      
Number of the Punches3/4/5
Max. Punching Strength0-5000 kg Adjustable
Punching MethodServo Motor
Air Source0.6 MPa
Air Consumption100 L/min
Power SourceAC380V  60Hz
Controlling MethodPLC
Productivity12000-15000 cards/hour
Machine dimension1520(L)×820(W)×1800(H)mm
G.W.  About 1000KGS


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